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KTC Tourismus Consulting

Klaus Siebert 
Rechtsanwalt + Tourismus Consultant, 
Spezialist für Reiserecht, Mergers & Aquistions, 
Unternehmensbeteiligungen, Unternehmensnachfolgen, Management Buy-in

Prof. Dr. Torsten Kirstges, 
Fachhochschule für Tourismus
Tourismus Studien und Marktforschung


KTC Hotel Consulting

Orange Lion Hospitality
Johann Kerkhofs

Internationaler Netzwerkpartner

CBA Cross Border Associates

IOM Advisory GmbH

Global M&A Partners

KTC Partnership with Wren Eames

Built on strong Financial Services Conservatism, Risk and Asset Management, sturdy Capital outlay, Wren Eames is a wholly owned independent regulated organisation by Alfred Johnson Design GmbH, the multi award-winning Design firm in Gütersloh, Germany. Upon our inception withing our Founding firm in 2007, Wren Eames was a burgeoning internal department that offered Clients strategies that have been executed successfully globally under European Union, UK, USA and Russian regulation in the Real Estate and Acquisitions sector.

Today, Wren Eames, as an independent entity is an effective Private Equity, Asset Development, Commodities, Acquisitions and Trade Facilitation Firm. Our vision is to secure seamless facilitation with stringent oversight and transparency for growth, expansion, acquisitions and trade.